Hi, I'm Eric, a founder of UPLINK.

I want to pay for my content online by having my tv analyze people's anonymized health records.

UPLINK - the science cloud.

Startup working on the AirBNB of computing for regular users.


Users contribute storage, power & compute in exchange for credits. This resource is bought and sold on a bid/ask marketplace. We anticipate the emergence of the 'TV form factor' browser as a major user internet entry point and platform for our tech. Our technology offers practical solutions to real world homomorphic encryption (private cloud computing) style problems.

This disruptive and fundamental change to the internet is important because...



By us and/or others.

Imagine this

You go to a website and it starts mining bitcoins in a background WebRTC thread in your browser...Sounds terrible right?

Wouldn't it be better if that content producer used your computer's resources while you were asleep? We think so.

Will the emergence of a secondary market for compute be a good or bad thing for Intel?

As long as Intel is able to keep making qualitative improvements at the chip level, it's a good thing.

For example, it will almost certainly dilute Amazon, Google & etc's buying power.

It will also create an incentive for consumers to upgrade their hardware on a fixed schedule to improve their efficiency factor.

For example, processor upgrading will make it cheaper for users to earn credits with Intel making great strides at improving the power usage envelope.

How will we make it happen?

Our view is that the limiting factor to this vision is offering end users customers a significant value proposition.

So we are working on a type of TV / Videophone type box, with easy developer access.

As an early startup, we'd love to collaborate with Intel.

Our proposal: An opportunity for collaboration

We'd like to solve a problem for Intel. 7 years after the introduction of android, Intel's market share of this OS is still very small.

The limiting factor to long tail android development on Intel is the nontrivial resources needed to make improvements.

How will we fix this? We'd build a web IDE & backend cloud for building x86 android binaries. We'd make it time cheap for smaller contributors to improve android on Intel.

Their aggregated improvements can be quite significant. Linux is a great example of this. Attracting long tail developers is an area where 01.org and android-x86.org are currently not doing so hot. This isn't a great situation for android on intel, because developer attractiveness is essential for your business.

Interested in chatting more?

We are technologists who believe that openness is still the killer app.

In our view, openness is a better way for Intel to compete with ARM, because their licensing business model makes price a very hard thing to compete on.

We'd love to pick up Intel as a customer of our ideas. We can bring you great value.

As a starting point, why don't you help us help make developing android on intel a joy! We promise to make a positive difference.

Thanks for your time!